I went to see Avatar today.  I had been warned previously that there is a new definition of IMAX that doesn’t include a really big screen.  I tried to get tickets for the one really big IMAX screen in Manhattan, but it was sold out two days in advance.  So, a word of warning before buying tickets for the IMAX version and getting your hopes up, you may want to call the theater and ask if their IMAX screens are any bigger than their regular screens.

Anyway, my roommate had seen it, and told me he loved the effects, but the story left something to be desired.  He had never seen Titanic, though, because he dislikes Leonard DiCaprio, while I thought Titanic was a great love story.  My expectations for the film were pretty low, being that I had never even seen a preview, and based on my roommate’s review.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I loved the story.  I have done a few American Indian sweat lodges, and am very attracted to their spirituality and the way it ties in with nature.  I found the culture of the aliens to be very appealing in this sense.  I think the film made some great political commentary as well about modern imperialism and terrorism as seen from the other side.  I also fell in love with the female lead, which is a big plus, and loved the male lead’s story of “going native.”  All that combined with the best effects ever and 3d, which I really like in a film, and I highly recommend this movie.