Well, I just joined and this is my first post.  2009 is almost done, and it has been a year of many changes.  I named the blog crisisoffaith2009 because I like the term, and because some of these changes have tested my faith.  What faith, you may ask?  Faith that everything is going to work out after a loss of some kind, I guess is what I mean.  Anyway, in this blog I will discuss various interests of mine.  I have a new love for writing, and I have always been very curious and looking to expand my knowledge, and by writing I can formalize the thought processes, journal my process, and share with others.  The interests I will be writing about will include computers, programming, music, literature, movies, technology, philosophy and history.  This is not an inclusive list, because, as you see, my interests are broad.  Well, here we go!